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Multimedia Documentation on SPCP 2012-16 achievements

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A Few Milestones


SPCP presentation video released

This website is now hosting a short video presenting the SPCP 2012-2016 programme. Paulo Costa, the Programme Manager, puts forward the programme’s main objectives and guides you through the resources available on this website.

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SPCP Midterm Review

The SPCP  was externally reviewed in April-June 2015 with the objective to assess its relevance, effectiveness and sustainability as well as its intervention strategy and steering modalities.

According to the review, the programme objectives which are mirrored and further operationalised in projects are relevant. The projects implemented within the SPCP are largely on track and some milestones were achieved in all projects. SPCP’s main challenge is now to enhance the sustainability of the programme and the project results in the long term.

Monitoring Visit SEPCA in Tirana, 26 nov 2015

SEPCA, Tirana, 25-26 November 2015


2015 SPCP Partners’ Forum in Belgrade

In January 2015, most of the SPCP projects have entered into their second year of implementation.  With their transition into this new phase, it became important that SPCP implementing partners address the shared challenges they face in project implementation, as well as in results-orientated monitoring and evaluation (M&E). To this end, the SPCP Partners’ Forum was organised on February 11 to 13, in Belgrade, Serbia.

The SPCP Partners’ Forum sought to bring the partners together to facilitate the exchange of their experiences and to learn about the different approaches taken during project implementation with a special focus on M&E. By sharing lessons learnt, the Forum further sought to improve the projects’ effectiveness in achieving their objectives in the second stage of implementation, thus ensuring the success of the SPCP as a whole.

SPCP Partners' Forum 2015

SPCP Partners’ Forum 2015

Click here to download the forum report.

Ministerial Conference takes place in Croatia under the auspices of the SPCP 2012-16

08 April 2014, Opatija: DCAF and SDC organised the “Ministerial Conference on Contemporary Challenges in Regional Police Cooperation” within the framework of the Swiss Regional Police Cooperation Programme (SPCP 2012-16). The conference presented an opportunity for ministers of interior, high-ranking police officials, police experts, and representatives of international and regional organisations from Europe to address common issues in police cooperation.

The conference enabled an exchange of  experiences with a view to develop measures for mitigating challenges in policing. Participants also discussed the best ways to keep the knowledge and preparedness of the police up to date in increasingly multicultural societies. Current benefits and challenges, as well as gaps and needs of regional cooperation mechanisms in the field of law enforcement and justice, were also touched upon during the panels.


Ministerial Conference in Croatia

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